Monday, 21 March 2011

Write a note.

Big tunes.
Slow tunes.
Smashing out.
Tearing out.
Ripping out.
Blasting out.

Every note will smash windows, a dozen.
Fabricating what i wish i did.
Heroes coming and going
like wildfire, burning me, kid.
They scream, screech hit out.

Come and go, come and go never stop.

Pulling me in.
Wishing i was in.
Epthasising words within.
Looking within.

These words, are made for a reason
the burning will stop and go
as every syallbell has gone and passed
will they stop.
hopefully, hopefully not.

Music is life.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

we share. D.B

The love we share for one another is more than love,
It succeeds such importance, such as life.
You are like a swan to me, an eagle a dove
The tune can be a masterpiece, such simple with a fife.

Times we collect is the perfect watch,
as good times surpass, the time is valued
my feelings for you is life, embrace and catch
to me you are perfect, alluded

A simple line from one self is treasured
As I pursue it withing every day,
a simple line from you is leathered

Live i ou y.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Life, not lost

Sometimes, feelings that we share for others are for lost.
They seem a white tape too far,
a grade to high.
They seem a bridge too short
a sea too deep.

The only thing that feelings will not destroy,
is life, and our life we share for others,
the light will path the way until the path
runs out.

life is love.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Sometimes we can only ask God
we point to someone to Save us, but why?
The poor people of places, Japan.

But deep down Everyone must assit one another
As we are only the people we are to the Help we give
I'd rather save another, than Out.

We all can make a difference.
As we all Are connected.
This is why I ask you all.
We are all Human.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Someone up there is looking down.
It may not seem it, not now, not ever.
The everlasting fear of fail beneath me, will never sink.

The fears and threats of this first world is unforgiving to me.
However love sees many a things as we seek to see things through
Sometimes these seeks just don't come true.

We never will accept these desires will crawl to one to another.

Love sees roses.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

This blog, that me and a few others will contribute, is all to do with making yourself feel good, and bring you up, they will involved feel good stories, poems, images songs and recomendations and just adivce to alls needs. so feel free to contribute and follow with us.

Here I leave a image that means lots to me and it shoudl apply to every being.

Image that will make you smile.